Helium recovery

Longer terms of running for Helium liquefiers as well as more accurate balancing of the valuable Helium gas are the requirements for a Helium recovery plant. The system requirements can usually only be met by
automation. Conception, automation and selection of the optimal components is one of our core competences.

Intelligent balloon control

Due to non-contact level measurement, the balloon is hardly stressed, which has a positive effect on its service life. Longer compressor running times can be achieved to prevent condensation in the compressor oil. 


The service portfolio of Sauer & Sohn in the field of Helium compressors covers capacities from 19 – 350 m3/h. In conjunction with our control system, the master compressor is determined on the basis of the running hours in order to distribute operating hours evenly among redundant compressors.

Automated high pressure distribution panels HDP

The distribution of Helium into the various storage groups is based on the pressure and can be balanced through the pressure loss.

Analysis Panel HAP

The quality of the Helium equally can be measured and fed into a quarantine bundle if the level of contamination is too high. This increases the availability of the system, since contamination of the helium is quickly detected and overloading of the freezing purifier is prevented. The gas in the quarantine bundle can be automatically supplied to the balloon in metered quantities after the degree of contamination no longer affects the constant operation of the Helium liquefier.


At low pressure, all pipes be equipped with a gas meter to reach the balloon. A further sensor detects the gas quantity in the high pressure and by the calculation [low pressure_Gasamount – high pressure_Gasamount] the loss rate of the balloons, compressors and the regeneration dryer can be calculated. This prevents leaks and
detects them immediately. In particular, the rotating compressors can also be continuously monitored.

Standard Features

  • Gas Meter
  • Low Pressure Gas Storage (Balloon)
  • Compressors
  • Control Cabinet and SCADA System
  • High Pressure Deposition
  • High Pressure Storage

Aditional Features

  • High Pressure Distribution Panels
  • High Pressure and Low Pressure Quality Analysis


Helium recovery
Helium liquefaction

Helium liquefaction

Helium liquefaction

Helium recovery

Helium recovery